Butternut Squash Lasagna

My friend Andrew (yea, you!) and I have a constant battle over red vs. white sauce. Andrew is adamant that food traditionally served with a red sauce should only be eaten with a red sauce. Pizza, pasta, and…lasagna! While I personally love a good red sauce, I also love creamy Continue Reading

Mushroom Gravy Poutine

Four years of undergraduate living in Montreal gave me an insatiable appreciation for poutine. Heard of it? It was my go-to late night fast food of choice while living in Montreal. Pizza, pad thai noodles, or poutine. I’ve perfected and modified this recipe over the years. It’s delicious. Proportions are Continue Reading

How to boil an egg…to perfection!

Bon App├ętit posted the perfect guide to making hard boiled eggs to the perfect consistency. This egg cooking guide has allowed me to make the perfect egg of my dreams and has revitalized my love for the simple, classic boiled egg. When I think of hard boiled eggs, I cringe Continue Reading

Ode to an egg sandwich

Countless Sunday mornings have been spent googling “the best egg sandwich” while dying of hunger in bed. Whether I’m looking to find that dreamy, cheesy, perfect morning treat at a nearby cafe, or trying to concoct one of my own, I’m always on the hunt. This version is simple: Go Continue Reading