Bon Appétit posted the perfect guide to making hard boiled eggs to the perfect consistency. This egg cooking guide has allowed me to make the perfect egg of my dreams and has revitalized my love for the simple, classic boiled egg. When I think of hard boiled eggs, I cringe at the thought of overcooked, dry yolks, with a weird green tinge to it. But if you follow this simple egg cooking guide, you will be in soft boiled egg heaven (or on the road to whichever yolk consistency you desire).

Here’s the trick: Ignore your mom and grandmothers’ guidance on how to cook and egg and follow mine instead!

Step 1: Bring a pot of water to a simmer. Make sure to boil enough water so that there is about 1/2 inch of water above each egg.

Step 2: Stare at above chart to determine which yolk consistence you’d like. Make a mental note of that number. Carefully, add your egg(s) into the water (I drop in using a ladle). One the water gets back to a boil, set your timer.

Step 3: Prepare a bowl with cold water, and add your eggs to it once the timer goes off to stop the cooking process.

Me, I love a 7.5-minute egg, peeled and sprinkled with plenty of coarse salt and coarse black pepper. Add an avocado, toast, and some sriracha? Or even go crazy–add crumbled bacon and pea shoots too…Yum!

Thanks Bon Appétit!