Mushroom Gravy Poutine

Four years of undergraduate living in Montreal gave me an insatiable appreciation for poutine. Heard of it? It was my go-to late night fast food of choice while living in Montreal. Pizza, pad thai noodles, or poutine. I’ve perfected and modified this recipe over the years. It’s delicious. Proportions are Continue Reading

New Dietary Guidelines…A step in the right direction?

Obama’s new dietary guidelines may be a step in the right direction, emphasizing increased fruit and vegetable consumption, and protein sources with a low ecological footprint. Sorry to those of you craving red meat and sugars-this administration is publicly stating that you should avoid these items! The new guidelines stress healthy Continue Reading

Apple Honey Challah

This is my second attempt at making this fantastic challah.  Last year it came out good.  This year it came out exceptional. I used Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Honey Challah Recipe but, of course, changed it a bit! Here is a combo blog with her recipe and my improvements.  *warning* this recipe involves three risings (one of which is overnight)! Continue Reading